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Our activity and goal

Hello and welcome to Doctor Print Timisoara photo lab's page. First of all we would like to say an honest thank you for visiting us. Since our first opening in 2017 we are providing best quality photo and printing services to our customers in Timisoara. Our goal is to serve the community offering premium quality services without any compromises. Using cutting edge technologies and our accumulated experience throughout the years, we believe that we can achieve this in no time.

Where you can find us ?

We are situated in the most active commercial area of Timisoara's town, the Iulius Mall's economic epicenter. We are not even too far from Timisoara's downtown, therefore we are within easy reach. See the map below in order to locate us. Follow the red pointer on your GPS and in no time you will be in the right place. There is a parking lot right in front of our business. If you are a complete new visitor in our town just ask the taxi driver to drive you at this address or show him / her the map below and he / she will get you in the right spot:

Our address is: Calea Torontalului, Bloc 7, Sc. B, Apt. 4, call on inter phone 04, ground floor, Post Code 300628, Timis, Timisoara

Please check the map below:

So, what is our services range ?

Photo Lab services:

Photo media printing

Indeed our main activity gravitates around photo & imaging services. Here are our customer's most popular choices:

 - Pictures printing, all sizes from 9x9 cm till A3 size (42x29.7 cm)
 - For big picture framing we can print sizes up to 60x90 cm (A1 size 84.1x59.4 cm)
 - For professional photographers and genuine artists we do offer fine art printing services with rigorous color control and media profile adjustment.
 - We can offer also canvas prints for beautiful artwork and framing. We do use finest canvas media wrapping for the most pretentious customers.

Analog film processing

We develop and scan your films and we can handle B & W as-well color films. Processing for color films is only done in C41 method. Here are the sizes:

 - 35 mm
 - Medium format 120 or 220
 - 110 pocket format

As an extension to our development process we also offer film scan services in 2 methods:
 - Normal batch mode especially targeted to regular customers which just want to keep safe their memories. Scanning is automatic batch driven, so the processing time is fast.
 - Fine art scan which involves high tech equipment and also large size files. This method is customer oriented towards artists and professional photographers.

Fine art prints

The idea of Fine Art printing services came to us as a wish to help the local artists to present  better their ideas to the world and their potential customers.
We invested in cutting edge equipment and also the finest printing media available on markets today.
Also we can print your ideas on the finest paper from Hahnemühle, the very famous German manufacturer.
Of course we have a very professional approach when is time for "color speaking". We always use and check the right color profiles recommended by the media manufacturer and related to our printing equipment.
We can assure you that we will always find the best solution for your project.

Photo studio services

Least but not last, we have our own photo studio especially designed for ID, passport and visas photos. Our professional equipment is suited for bio metric photo rendering. Our offer is:
 - ID photos for all European countries
 - Passport photos with background light and color changing possibility according to authorities request.
 - Visas photos respecting all bio metric parameters recommended by the world's embassies.
 - Processing time is very fast so you can have your photos within minutes !

Print shop services:

Document printing

Starting with normal office documents and finishing with doctoral thesis, grayscale or color, we got you covered. We print all sizes on professional 80 gsm paper and hence the offer:
 - Normal A4 and A3 size document printing with full duplex possibility.
 - Ink density control for thin paper as wrinkles in final print will be avoided.
 - Architects or engineers around ? We print in A1 and A2 size your CAD or designing projects using professional paper. Max width is 60 cm and 15 meters banner long.
 - As for the students we offer significant discounts when printing their thesis or university courses.

Document scanning 

Digitalizing documents is more than a necessity these days, so we included this service in our portfolio:
 - Scanning up to A3 size with full duplex possibility.
 - Converting scans in PDF or images upon customer's request.
 - Resolutions up to 2400 DPI for high document's details and accuracy.

Finishing and binding

This is our complementary service. We do offer spiral binding. Spiral bound document will have the front cover in transparent film as for the back we will attach a darker tone marking well document's ending. Aspect is clean as for the spiral materials it can be plastic or metal.

We hopefully threw some nice light over our services and deeds :)

Truly yours,

Doctor Print Timisoara Team